Know Your Self-worth

by Minotauro Anaya

Human beings are weird people, some are complicated beyond anything, others are extremely hard to understand, while others pretend to act dumb when they’re the actually the smartest person in the room. And how could we ever forget the people who have issues with themselves, than no one else will ever comprehend because there are just so many layers to go through. Some people build up all these walls around them, because they’ve been hurt by a past experience that made them the person that they eventually became afterwards.

The walls that are built around them are like warning signs to stay away, or else. These people are probably waiting for the right person to break these walls and make everything better and just be there for them in general. But it’s not that easy to come across people like this because the world is pretty much messed up and there are only a few genuine good people left, which is the sad truth. Instead there are plenty of heartless people who will make use of you until there isn’t anything left for you to give. It’s sad to say that the world is a twisted and cruel place that makes it easy for people to fail and crash to an all-time low, and not be able to get back up. It’s extremely hard to make a living and just survive on what’s earned on a monthly basis. It’s ironic how it takes a lot of hard work to be successful and work towards where you want to be, but it’s so easy to crumble and fade away into nothing.

Especially with the way things are going on these days, people are finding it hard to cope with all the stress and exhaustion they face on a daily basis. They can’t be blamed if they start to act out and maybe lose their jobs, meaning no job no cash. Cash is pretty much the number one necessity needed for survival on this planet; otherwise you’re lost and broke. But then there’s the fact that there are millions of people without jobs, and how do they survive? They’d probably get into an AFL sportsbet as it’s the only source of an income. Before they themselves realize it, they’ll be past the point of a bonus bet and more broke than when they started.

This is why betting is so dangerous and risky, because no one knows what will happen and how much money will be lost. It’s better to stay out of it and find another way.